Web 2.0 

Ever heard about Web 2.0? Until this past Sunday, I never had. During a live teleconference by Such A Voice Productions, the host, Brian Thon, used the word. Today I had the time to do a little research. After reading a complicated definition in Wikipedia, I turned to another source, You Tube! My simple interpretation is that Web 2.0 refers to being able to combine different medias and web sites together on the internet in order to share and collaborate. In other words, the future of the web will draw its strength from people reaching out to others. Dr. Michael Wesch from Kansas State University has a great video that explains a lot in a short amount of time, under five minutes. I invite you to watch the video!
(I would have preferred for you to see the embedded video, but, alas, my computer could not handle it!)

But this is where the story takes an interesting turn. I posted the video this morning on Facebook. Voicey Award winning voice artist/producer, Adam Fox, thought I created the video and gave me the thumbs up. He also gave some helpful suggestions about ways to improve it in my email that’s routed from FB! I was puzzled by his comments. When I went back to check on FB, I realized the true author had placed text asking for input beside the video spot. While I’m playing detective, Adam has been moved to write a blog about the courage I exhibited to put that video “out there,” for critique. As I’m responding to him on FB, I saw he was online. After having a IM chat, all the mix-up was straightened out! Yet he went back to his original blog, and updated it. http://adamfoxvo.blogspot.com

Was that Web 2.0? All that utilizing and sharing media? You bet! But it’s even more…I like to think it’s more about building connections. Use the internet as a tool, but keep the humanity in tact. I now have a new blog or two to follow, and when Adam posts updates on FB, I’ll smile to myself, and be paying closer attention.