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    Where Did Father’s Day Begin? 

    A little background on the origin of Father’s Day to share.Happy Day to all Dads! Holidays: Father’s Day in United States http://ow.ly/20P2t

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    Voice 2010…So Many Photo Memories 

    Voice 2010…another cute pic…Facebook | My Photos – Wall Photos http://ow.ly/1ZHVJ

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    Fun Photos from Voice 2010! 

    Another fun photo from Voice 2010! http://ow.ly/1ZHHF

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    Facebook Fan Page Invitation 

    Inviting a few lovely friends to stop by to


    my updated FB Page.  Come join me there!

    Facebook | Linda Ristig, VOICE BY LINDA, Voice Talent http://ow.ly/1Zllk

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    Keeping a Balance Between Work and Family 

    Good things can happen in the VO world, but sometimes, it’s not all about being a VO talent. Being There « Voice by Linda http://ow.ly/1YE6F

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    Being There 

    Pop's Home

    After attending Voice 2010, I am invigorated with a vast array of ideas, ranging from comedic timing techniques to additional social media marketing tips to audio production tips.  I’ve met new friends and reconnected with old ones.  I felt privileged to have been there.

    This past week, I’ve been offered some interesting audio projects and have completed some remaining telephony work.  Not only have I been reliving the fun by posting and tagging pictures from the event on Facebook, I’ve also marketed and auditioned.   Coincidently, I’ve been blessed with some amazing opportunities. The three, no four, biggest highlights of last week were as follows:  I was interviewed by Tim Keenan of Creative Media for his Twitter Follow Friday, been credited with a wee bit of a cartoon idea from a quick hallway passing remark with an imaginative VO cartoonist, Jeffrey Kafer.  Mid-week, I connected with George Whittam of ElDorado Recording Studio who offered to assist me with the final audio tweeking of my on-site studio.  On Friday evening, I attended a parking lot party at Henninger Media Services, a gracious first-rate production studio that had consented for me to access their ISDN line, as needed.

    There are far and away more important matters of the heart to deal with today.  For the next few days, my husband and I are going through the last of his father’s things that have remained in the house where my husband grew up.  Two years ago, my father-in-law passed away in a nursing home less than a mile from our home.  Our family was there on the day of his death.  My mother-in-law slipped away 16 years ago, but had been his childhood sweetheart since the seventh grade.  Loyalty runs deep in our family.  We have always been a close-knit family.  (His home is also less than a half-mile away from ours.)

    Each item inside the Pop’s home holds a cherished memory.  Family members have already chosen mementos, and it’s been a fairly smooth process, albeit a sad one.  I know I will listen to the stories and share my husband’s sadness as he puts the last of the remaining things away for good.  I anticipate that many sentimental items will find their way to our home, and I plan to accept those things that my husband couldn’t bear to part with, except maybe the clay sculpture with the hideous, bulging googily eyes he made in art class in the third grade…

    Over the weekend, Project Share, hauled away the larger furniture in their furniture truck.  By donating to that charity, an itemized list of what we could offer was picked up at Pop’s house, then taken directly to needy families that had been placed on a requested waiting list for those specific items.  A neighbor that needed a bedroom set, coffee table and lamps has already been by the house to collect.  Our sons transported the larger items to his house.  Tomorrow, the American Veterans Organization will come with their truck to haul away most of the usable household items.

    We think Pop would have really liked it he knew that the things he kept around on a daily basis could be used by others that were less fortunate.  Painters, plumbers, wallpaper removers, and new kitchen appliances will spiff-up the place to get it ready for sale at the beginning of July.  It’s been a difficult decision for my husband and his sister to move forward by selling his family’s home, but have now come to the realization it’s the right thing to do.  So my biggest job today has nothing to do with the world of VO, but the more important job of just “being there.”

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      Linda… At least it sounds like you and your family were prepared and organized. As well as respectful of your father’s wishes. It’s inevitable that we will all face these family decisions. I faced my first of this kind when my mother passed on 5 years ago leaving my 83 year old father to live alone in a big house full of my mother’s memories. My Father-in law passed away 2 years ago after moving him and his wife to TN. My Mother-in-law is still living close by.

      It’s all just a part of our aging and devotion to family.
      Nice of you to share your thoughts as you close one chapter and open another in the Ristig family album.


    • Andrea Christensen 8:32 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Linda – thanks for sharing. Being there is so important.

      It was great to meet you at VOICE 2010.

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      Thank YOU for being there, Linda…meeting you only enriched me all the more. Prayers to you and your family…

    • Mary Thomas 3:50 am on June 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Bless your heart Linda. Thank you for sharing your Pop’s story. I am glad you are well

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    AUDIO #FF @VoicebyLinda, selected by Tim Keenan 

    Warm and Wonderful Couple, Tim and Linda Keenan

    AUDIO #FF @VoicebyLinda

    Voice Artist Linda Ristig shares her thoughts on last week’s VOICE 2010 conference: http://bit.ly/d4egHe

    Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording often selects folks from the world of voiceover to interview.  He then posts the interview on Twitter.  I was delighted to be part of his interview regarding Voice 2010!  I hope you take a moment to listen.

    Does it sound like we’re in the same room?  That’s the amazing part of what Tim is able to do.  I was in my home studio (recording) in Washington, D.C., while Tim was talking to me over the phone from his studio in CA.  Linda was recording on their end.  I sent my mp3 files attached to an email to them, he spliced the conversation together, and amazingly, he was able to showcase his audio engineering talent.  Very clever!

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    Tim Keenan of CreativeMediaRecording.com and his audio interview of yours truly! 

    Tim Keenan of CreativeMediaRecording.com recorded an interview with me in regards to my reaction to Voice2010. Enjoy! http://ow.ly/1Ximz

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    Making a Difference 

    Making a Difference«Voice by Linda http://ow.ly/1Wadv Another blog installment about a fabulous social media presentation from #Voices2010!

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    Making a Difference 

    Terry Daniel, Dave Courvoisier, and Me

    “It’s easy to make a buck.  It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”  -Tom Brokaw

    These two guys really made an impact on the expectant voice over crowd assembled at the Voice 2010 International Conference.  The topic of their presentation was the impact of social media towards growing your VO business.  From joining Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, You Tube, and other social media sites, they provided multi-media clips of real-life examples of  job opportunities that could be culled from small snippets of writing.  How does it work?

    Start a profile page for each of these sites.  In this fast-paced world, that can be a daunting task.  One piece of advice I offered to an overwhelmed VO newbie after the session was to keep it simple.  Take one site, join it, learn and begin to understand it for a week or two, then move on to another site when you feel ready.  Give yourself some breathing space to learn what the social media sites can do to help you build relationships.  It truly takes a while to set up and begin to use these sites, so tread gently.

    Over a year ago, another social media expert, Trish Basanyi, was gracious enough to make suggestions about the same sites Terry and Dave mentioned in their presentation.  At first, it was almost like learning a foreign language.  Because I persevered, new worlds have opened up to me.  For that kindness, Trish truly has my deepest gratitude.  So much of what we learn in life is from people we trust.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to explore your social media options.  It may make a huge difference in spreading the word about who you are and what you do.  Have fun networking!  Oh, and did I mention…all of the above-mentioned sites are free to join!  The only one stopping you…is you!

    Trish Basanyi and Me

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